The Boat

Katla is a 26ft Wooden Gaff Cutter built by Martin Lund in 2006 of the Wynfall design by Mark Smaalders.

She is
Carvel built of Mahogany planks over sawn Pine frames. The planks are fastened with Stainless Steel (316) screws and the frames are glued and fastened using wooden pegs and Galvanised bolts. Before painting, all wood was treated with a mixture of Turpentine, Pine Oil and Cuprinol.

The deck is Marine Plywood epoxy laminated and covered with chopped strand mat in epoxy resin. The Spar is of Siberian Larch. The rudder is transom hung on Stainless Steel (316) pintles.

The ballast keel is a Stainless Steel (316) box of 6mm sides and bottom, which has lead ingots in it. The lead is then laid in poliester resin inside. Five Stainless Steel (316) tubes are welded inside vertically through the keel box, where the keel bolts go through, meaning the box is completely sealed from seawater. There are 5 Stainless Steel (316) keelbolts to carry 1.5 tonnes. It is a massively strong construction.

There are no through hull fittings and a water tight bulkhead under the cockpit.

The broker described her as: 'A sturdy and salty little lady. Which will appeal to traditionalists on a budget'.

There is no inboard engine, no toilet, no electronics, and traditional (Block & Tackle) rigging (no winches).

LOA: 26' - 5"
LWL: 23' - 10"
BEAM: 8' - 10"
DRAFT: 3' - 10"
DISP: 9500 lbs
BALLAST: 3300 lbs
D/L: 343
SAIL AREA: 466 sq. ft.

The Trip

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Bye Bye Katla...

This is (probably) my last post on this Blog. I am both happy and sad to announce that my lovely boat Katla has now been sold. I wish her new owner all the best and many happy adventures in her.

Fair Winds...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

My New Blog

Just a quick link to my new Blog about wood working. Learning traditional methods of joinery using only hand tools, where I will document my own progress as a complete beginner. .


Monday, 1 August 2011

Whales Azores - UK

A small piece of film showing the Whales that followed me for a few days while enroute from the Azores to the UK.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Falmouth to Brighton.

KATLA is now 'home' in Brighton marina and all is well after an amazing sail up from Falmouth.
With the South coast being so busy with pleasure boaters and shipping, instead of flying solo, this time I was joined by my very good friend Dave who came down by train from Brighton. It was really nice to have company and conversation (and sleep!) for the last 210nm leg.

We left the visitors Yacht Haven in Falmouth 'early' around 1100utc Saturday morning mainly out of boredom instead of waiting for the optimum tide around 1300utc to flush us out to the Channel.
Wiith barely any wind, we scratched our way East for the first 24hrs with around 10kn of wind from behind. Full sail - prevented mainsail, goose winged with poled out Jib and stay sail sheeted in tight gave us ~4kn of speed.

With the 48hr forecast threatening only 5kn of wind from the NW it was a surprise to be flying around the Isle of Wight at over 6kn on Sunday night in over 20kn from the SW! However, I still cant get used to sailing fast 'on the spot' due to tides!

Good progress and perfect weather gave us a sunny arrival in Brighton at 1100utc Monday morning. We had been a bit lazy and not made progress to windward through the early morning which meant we were over 4nm off course and wide of our planned approach but KATLA squeezed herself up tight to the wind for the final beat and made us proud, just making the marina entrance without having to tack. Sails down, fenders and warps ready - Its so much easier and relaxed with another person onboard. The outboard threatened to run out of petrol literally yards from the berth but Heidi was there waiting to catch a rope and save the day - a perfect end to an epic trip home.

210nm in 2 days exactly - not bad for an ickle 26ft gaffer!

After such a long voyage KATLA is in desperate need of some TLC, especially in the paint department, so I'll be posting more updates in the near future.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Here We Go Again ...

Follow my progress ...
Horta in the Azores to Falmouth Cornwall U.K. - ~1250nm

The forecast is far from ideal (little wind followed by Northerlies) but I'm really desperate to get going. I might be OK if I can get ~150nm north in the next few days. Ordinarily I wouldn't leave on this forecast but I have been here long enough and it's rubbish without the posse. It's also costing me money when I can be bored at sea for free! Besides, I'm mentally ready for another ocean crossing... Worse case scenario, I end up in Spain!

Sat Phone: 8816 316 67012
Send SMS to my Sat Phone for free here:
Send me a message! Just dont expect a reply - and YES 'It's working - I do receive them'.
The Satphone is only turned on periodically throughout the day.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

*Almost* Ready to go ...

So what have I been up to ... Well the 'To Do' list has been attacked further and I am *almost* ready to set sail bound for the UK.
  • Two visits to the supermarket and I am ~100 Euros lighter. It's such a different (cheaper) experience victualling a boat in the Azores compared to Antigua.
  • 100 Litres of the Azores finest H2O have been loaded aboard.
  • Watch batteries obtained for the DIY Nav lights (thanks again Rob & Jo) and I have purchased a strobe unit (50 euros!) - hopefully I will now be more visible to the big scary commercial shipping.
  • The AIS Aerial has been relocated outside the coachroof. It seems to work better but I need to test it outside the marina breakwater as VHF is 'line of sight'. Its certainly no worse than before!
I just have to 'lube up' the mast, gaff and boom jaws with the largest tub of Vaseline I have ever seen - I May do this tonight? Is it normal to buy it in 1Kg tubs? Either way I have bought one and shouldn't run out this trip!

Then its a quick look at the weather forecast - make yer mind up time - out with the wallet and boat papers in the Marina office and 'Adios Amigos' - I'll be on my way.

Boo & Katla.