The Boat

Katla is a 26ft Wooden Gaff Cutter built by Martin Lund in 2006 of the Wynfall design by Mark Smaalders.

She is
Carvel built of Mahogany planks over sawn Pine frames. The planks are fastened with Stainless Steel (316) screws and the frames are glued and fastened using wooden pegs and Galvanised bolts. Before painting, all wood was treated with a mixture of Turpentine, Pine Oil and Cuprinol.

The deck is Marine Plywood epoxy laminated and covered with chopped strand mat in epoxy resin. The Spar is of Siberian Larch. The rudder is transom hung on Stainless Steel (316) pintles.

The ballast keel is a Stainless Steel (316) box of 6mm sides and bottom, which has lead ingots in it. The lead is then laid in poliester resin inside. Five Stainless Steel (316) tubes are welded inside vertically through the keel box, where the keel bolts go through, meaning the box is completely sealed from seawater. There are 5 Stainless Steel (316) keelbolts to carry 1.5 tonnes. It is a massively strong construction.

There are no through hull fittings and a water tight bulkhead under the cockpit.

The broker described her as: 'A sturdy and salty little lady. Which will appeal to traditionalists on a budget'.

There is no inboard engine, no toilet, no electronics, and traditional (Block & Tackle) rigging (no winches).

LOA: 26' - 5"
LWL: 23' - 10"
BEAM: 8' - 10"
DRAFT: 3' - 10"
DISP: 9500 lbs
BALLAST: 3300 lbs
D/L: 343
SAIL AREA: 466 sq. ft.

The Trip

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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Katla Under Sail

First pic of Katla under sail...


  1. But with someone else sailing her, and god only knows what Jess is doing (good look though ;-) )!

    I've said it before and will say it again, I don't think you are in it for the sailing, it's the planning and fettling that you like!

    Still waiting for an email with the Doris sale details, Xmas plans, etc!


  2. Hi, you have been quiet for so long, I was wondering what had happened! Katla looks lovely, keep up your posts!

    Rachel x

  3. As a Hanse owner i still follow your blog... ;-)
    I like your new boat. Only the freebord is not very high. Hope you get save everywhere

  4. Hi Rach ... Great to hear from you. I will try harder to keep the blog updated I promise. Love to both. X.

  5. Fellow Hanse owner ... Yeah the freeboard is quite low, but shes very sea worthy. How she compares to Doris mid Atlantic I will let you know. I am still doing jobs on the boat and proper sailing adventures have not yet begun. Watch this space...

  6. hey salty!

    good to catch up your latest news and pics for the last month and she looks very pretty with all your efforts!

    talk soon!


  7. Hey dude,
    Are you planning to sail her back to UK? (re: mid-Atlantic) You're not talking South Atlantic, are you!?

  8. Hey Lauri ... Well the pan is to go back to the UK possibly via Greenland / Iceland or Transat via Bermuda depending on mood and my levels of bravery. Plan B was to go south and attempt 'the horn' the wrong way as I never fancied the Panama Canal. In reality Im not mad enough unless anything changes in the next few months. Hows you guys - all good I hope, love to Quatermoon as well.

  9. Hey Simon. Hope you're not depressed or out of excitement. Maybe just too busy? Your travels are of great interest to us. NEED MORE FUCKING UPDATES, MATE!!!

    (Sorry to put it so bluntly)

    All well in Antigua?

  10. Hey Lauri ... Not too busy, but to be honest there's not a lot to tell you guys of late. Its been pretty quiet around here with the new season around the corner. That and the fact that I am still here in English harbour. New adventures soon ... I hope!

    Will try harder ... I promise.


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